Salt bath

A person can take a salt bath, using the common kitchen salt in his home. All he has to do is to take a bucket of medium hot water, pour a few tablespoons of the common salt into it and mix it. Then he can take a regular bath with this hot water. A person can also apply regular soap, on the body and wash himself using the salt water and then dry himself in the regular way.

Putting this salt water on the hair is not advised, as it may result in hair fall, and it is to be used only on the rest of the body excluding the hair. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, you should limit the amount of salt, you add to the hot water.

This way most of the germs on the skin get removed, which are responsible for infection, fever, body pain and uneasiness in the body. Unknown to us, when we move around daily, everywhere, many germs from the air stick to our skin and are responsible, for the body pain and other ailments.

The other type of infections which are there inside our body , we get by eating stale or rotten foods, poorly cooked food and unhygienic food made in restaurants and road side outlets. This cannot be removed by salt water baths and need medicines.

This way you can avoid spending money on the costly salt powders available in the market.


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