How to cancel paypal recurring payments

Many times you will see that some purchases you have made using PayPal and the seller has automatically linked himself with your PayPal account, and unknown to you continues to take out money from your PayPal account.


To cancel this you have to find the page –

My pre-approved payments


from your PayPal account. It is difficult to search for this page because it is located in the profile settings:

First, you have to click on Tools——>All Tools



From that page click on:

It will show you recurring payments. You need to cancel those which you have not approved, or want to remove.

In addition, you also have to click on this link also on the page:

When you click My pre-approved payments

You get a page that shows you all the people who have permission to take out money from your PayPal account without you knowing about it. You need to click on every Active link and cancel it, manually, one by one.

Most of these people are online thugs and charge you zero for the first month, after that the next month onwards, they start taking out your money from your PayPal account in hundreds of dollars and even big companies like Alexa, Amazon, Uber, Swiggy, 1&1 and many others are involved in this scams.

That is how they become rich quickly, as only 5 % of the total people cheated are able to reverse the money or cancel the subscriptions.






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